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How to set up the perfect product feeds

In order for your shop to get the most out of Prisjakt, we recommend that you use a standardised product feed. This documentation is aimed for you as a developer and will give you all the necessary information to start using a standardised feed.

Benefits of having a standardised feed

Functions only available with standardised feed

To be able to use a lot of Prisjakts nice functions, like shipping options, membership prices and sales promotions, you need to have a standardised feed. These functions improves the experience for our users and at the same time help your shop to get better traffic.  

Quicker handling time

By using a standardised feed we can quicker verify your feed and put your data into our system. This will enable us to in a much quicker way make your offer visible at Prisjakt.

Find possible errors

Once you have a standardised feed, we are also able to find possible errors or mistakes in your feed much quicker. This also means that we can correct the errors faster and get your offer up and visible at Prisjakt. 

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